Vampire kink

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Sharing spit with a corpse, enjoying necrophilia, and willingly draining yourself of your own blood is kind of gross, but from 17th century sapphic romps to Buffy and Twilight, vampires have constantly been depicted as being hot AF. As figures of abject horror, the vampire personifies tabood. Big vampire energy.

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Instead of a nose, vampires had a sharp snout for drinking humans dry. This changed with lesbian erotic novella Carmilla, which follows protagonist Laura as she becomes intoxicated by the vampire Carmilla after she invades her clouded dreams. The text is an expression of Victorian anxieties about a new, queered, female sexuality. Within Carmilla delicate feminine bodies best suited to embroidery and sipping from tea cups are replaced by a monstrous female whose autonomous sexuality has ravaged her into a beast.

Living in a castle with a harem of women who devour children; the charming Dracula hides his own monstrosities behind a defined jawline and well-tended moustache. With his high camp collar, Dracula mirrored the pleasure-seeking aesthetics of flamboyant figures such as Oscar Wilde.

Stoker portrayed Dracula as the sort of corrupting and overzealous dandy that women of the time lustily blushed at. Instead, gazing into an ornate gold mirror and confronting his place as a creature so evil, hell might not even want him. No longer were vampires merely evil, alluring figures, they had issues and feelings. They wanted to be good but vampire kink consumed with thoughts of death.

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In cult TV show Buffy the Vampire Slayer the need for human blood became a metaphor for puberty, with teenagers driven into wild creatures by their burgeoning sexual desires. Rebellion replaced satanism, and sexual awakening replaced the one-dimensional quest for blood. Bleaching his hair way before pretty boys with camo trousers and shotter bags were, he appeared on our screens with his slick brill-creamed hair, a delicate scar running through his vampire kink, and skin like frost. Within BuffyVampires were especially virile.

Buffy losing her virginity to Spike sees both of them slapping each other around a decomposing building until her cheeks flush raw.

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It was less kissing, more punching each other in the teeth with their lips. Another scene sees Spike touch Buffy as she looks upon a boy she could have a nice happy relationship with. Pressing into her until her glossy lips heavily heave out air, Buffy with her pink blush and cream satin top, resembles a sickly-sweet prom queen in comparison to his hard and emptied face. Even Twilighta teen flick about a monogamous relationship vampire kink a vegetarian vampire lol written by a devout Mormon managed to be steamy.

After enough lip biting to give blisters, Edward and Bella eventual bang it only took four films and it is a surprisingly tense affair. But no vampire programme was as spicy as True Blood. His mouth dripping blood, he looks up at the breathless Sookie and says knowingly: "I got your rug all wet". True Blood fully realised the appeal of vampires as beings that could full fill all of our pain driven kinky desires.

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It took sadomasochism to the next level, one which those with a pulse are not likely to enjoy. By treating humans like edible sex dolls, they are the height of kink.

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They are basically an eternal One Who Got Away who like to pull your hair a lot. We're fans not critics.

Vampire kink

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Vampire Fetish - Understanding the Sexual and Sanguine Kink