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After year-old Liong Tianwei was hauled up for the Nasi Lemak-related offences, investigators uncovered other vice-related activities he was involved in - including facilitating paid sexual services by placing advertisements of sex workers on social media platforms. Liong pleaded guilty to six charges, including possessing 8, obscene images and 3, obscene films, transmitting obscene material on Telegram and using Twitter and Telegram to post of sex workers, facilitating their paid-sex services. It was created in November and grew to more than 44, members, with 29 members holding administration rights.

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Members of the group discussed sexual matters, promoted vice activities and circulated and shared obscene materials, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Huo Jiongrui. Between March and October inthe police received 31 reports islandwide against the chat group and identified four suspects - including Liong.

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The police launched a coordinated operation at 4am on Oct 14,arresting the four suspects simultaneously and seizing their devices to preserve vital electronic evidence. Liong was arrested at his home, and multiple electronic devices including phones and a laptop were seized from him. He used the moniker "Crazy Rich Asian" in SG Nasi Lemak, and was initially "highly uncooperative", refusing to provide passwords or access codes for the seized devices.

Investigations into separate Women's Charter offences showed that Liong had developed a close relationship with a sex worker from China inafter using her services often.

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She introduced him to a China national known only as "Hua Ge", who asked Liong to help promote female Chinese sex workers who were featured on a vice website. Liong agreed to download pictures, posts and videos from the website and repost them on social media platforms. He did so on Twitter and also on Telegram. When the SG Nasi Lemak chat group was set up, he also posted of the sex workers in the chat.

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The SG Nasi Lemak chat group also had a "considerable outreach" at its peak. Lawyer R S Bajwa said all his client did was " to the chat group" and "received no remuneration for that". Most of the arrested suspects in the chat group case have been dealt with.

The youngest accused was given probation in December. Co-administrator Leonard Teo Min Xuan is due back in court for a pre-trial conference later this month.

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Telegram sex

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