Slutty nicknames

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Yuck My Yum is a column that explores how culture and community shape identity and influence our health. When I was a kid, if I went to the store with my mom and wandered off, I knew she would always be able to find me. Because her nickname for me was very specific.

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It was a nickname that no one else is allowed to call me. But over the years, something as slight as the creative misspellings of my name has left a deep-rooted psychological impact of my own self-perception and confidence. Constantly having to defend my name, its pronunciations and spellings, and even slutty nicknames desire to want to be called a certain label, can linger through my interactions with others long after. As I got older and began to carve out my sexual identity, the importance of names was carried with me. What we accept, or allow, others to call us can influence our sense of self.

It can affect our self-esteem, reaching out to so many other parts of our lives. Studies have shown the negative health effects of racism on individualsbut the same can be said for other identities we hold and the oppressions we encounter because of them.

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These names and labels influence access and quality of healthcare. On the flip side, agency and affirmation are critical pieces of mental health for many marginalized groups. Embracing the labels we seek to be associated with, rather than ones forcibly given, can also revive us. This in itself can be a living example for how labels slutty nicknames be helpful for us to find community. I find strength in being able to adapt to how I want to be called, even in ensuring that my name is pronounced correctly the first time I meet someone new.

What we go by, what we choose to be called, and even finding peace in being called the wrong names comes with a unique form of empowerment. Cameron Glover is a writer, sex educator, and digital superhero. You can reach out to her on Twitter. And who better to give you…. At the time, I had no idea just how much waist be would end up teaching me, but in the moment, I was certain that the string of be would make me…. The iconic musician, actress, and talkshow host is using her star power to urge women everywhere to make their mental, physical, and emotional….

Could this weighted blanket be the miracle cure to my painful nights of slutty nicknames and turning for hours on end? Share on Pinterest. Names are important because labels — another kind of name we can go by — matter. Names help us identify our community and who our people are.

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Written by Cameron Glover — Updated on May 14, Read this next. I Have a Vagina.

Slutty nicknames

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