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I call her Lis Lisa Cult Jam because she loved me from head to toe. She also loved everyone she could get her hands on from head to toe. We used rubbers that I bought from the store. I think they cost sluttiest girls or three bucks a pack. I used to turn the ribbed ones inside out so they were ribbed for my pleasure. I was with one of the female chefs from Season 6 of Hell's Kitchen.

Bi-sexual, loved hot lesbian threesomes, and would take it in any hole she had. Fun times. Spent one summer break in college banging this one asian girl that was always horny and willing to do anything. She loved risky stuff too like banging in public places or at her parents' house with them in the next room.

Also I'm s little ashamed to admit this part but she had a boyfriend at college and loved focking whilst on the phone with him. She was bad news crazy. A friend of a friend of a friend comes over and just says "Your cute, i am going to spend the night with you". NICE, super easy and she was good looking 34C. Seemed a bit easy, but who's going to argue. WOW, talk about easily orgasmic. She starts talking about her boyfriend, who she sluttiest girls with.

And how much she hates him and is just trying to take him for all hes worth. So i am a bit worried now, i am in way over my head. The boyfriend calls her and while she talking to him she pulls my pant down and starts giving me head. I can hear him yelling at her and she just saying "uh huh, uh huh". Hes pissed and asking where she is and if she's was with another guy he was going to kill him. This gets her super horny and i get to have kitchen sex for the first time. Followed by couch sex and outdoor sex.

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She has been at my house for 3 hours now and i am done. I would like her to go now. LOL Any who she does spend the night but i was out of condoms and she was telling me it was alright and i was not having it. Then i remember my old Shabba Ranks CD has a condom in it with "There no sex like safe sex" written above it. Boy friend picks her up in the morning with me hiding in the back yard.

I have bare backed a ton of chicks in my life but this was one that i am very glad i didn't. I saw here a month later in a bar and she didn't even seem to recognize me. She hit on my friend and wanted money for sex. Guess i got a freebie. There was another girl friends and i pulled a train on, but she was nice. I didn't realize nikki was that good of a cook. Had one like that 34DD Condom the first time, then never again. Other sluttiest girls we did the deed:. Sitting on the hood of my car skirt, sluttiest girls panties at 3 PM on a Saturday afternoon, parked on the street in front of her house.

She would give me a handie or short BJ with her parents just in the other room almost everytime i was there. Im also pretty sure she tried to hook me into a threesome with one of her cute friends 32B one timebut i was too dense to pick up on the als. One night, I'm sitting around the house. My roomate at the time was dating some slutty chick. He comes into the room, and says "Hey, my GF is coming to spend the night, and wants to know if you want her to bring a friend for you.

So eventually, the two chicks show up.

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Mine, I was pleased to note, was pretty cute. But of course, she's trying to play it cool, like it isn't pre-ordained we are going to fock. Her friend, though, completely focks it up by saying, here's her overnight bag, and tossing it to me. Anyway, over the course of the evening, it is revealed that she used to work at a nudist colony, regularly had threesomes, and is just generally a freak. She was like 20 I think. I am excited, as it appears I sluttiest girls get the chance to cross some things off the bucket list anal, three way, etc. Pretty awesome night. Bad points, she was apparently a squirter, and rooned my bedspread, and spilled red wine on my carpet.

Unfortunately, she was basically homeless and living on the other chicks couch, had no phone, etc. THey had a falling out, and she drifted on elsewhere, so I never got a chance to try new things. The moral of the story, boys and girls, is to always push for anal on the first night So a few years ago, a buddy of mine go to a speed dating thing. We had both been before, and found it hilarious. We decided this time, to not tell chicks we're friends, and see what kind of bullsh!

So I pick her up. She is like Church of Christ, good girl type. Says she has never drank. I am a sucker for the good girl type, so I'm cool with sluttiest girls.

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We go out, I piss away a bunch of money, get nowhere. I call my buddy who is WAY better with the split-tail, as you will see, and tell him the scoop. I tell him "no way you get some quick. His date with her is a few days later.

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Apparently according to him she is a freak, he focked her in the ass on the first date, and she apparently has a goal to date a different guy and fock all of them but me apparently every night for a month. So the moral, boys and girls, is you get what you expect. Treat her like a good girl, you get nothing. Treat her like a cvm dumpster, and well, you get the idea. Season 6 Cast.

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Of the or so women I've been with, it would be easier to list the ones that were NOT slvts. Seems strange, but the dorms in Omaha was by far the most action first time I had my bunghole fingered during a hummer.

Probably because the winters were so bad. Everyone just hunkered down and started slinging meat. I am going to say my ex wife, Tabitha. She told me stories about shiit she did before we met. Like one time, she and her friend went to a truck stop and met these two truckers going to Chicago. So they each jumped in a truck and focked the dudes. THen they went to Chicago with them and blew them on the way.

THen they focked some more once they got there. Another time, sluttiest girls was sitting on the ground on a hill at the local high school and some guy she had never met walked up and started talking to her. THey were focking within 15 minutes, right there on the ground. I focked this chick named Crystal a couple of times. Known her for years.

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Funny thing is just today I found out her 15 year old daughter is having a baby next month. THis chick named Kristen was pretty bad too. One night me and 2 of sluttiest girls friends were getting drunk and we figured out that she focked all 3 of us the same day a few weeks earlier. To make matters worse, I got sloppy 3rds. Oh yeah, I forgot Tabitha. Put me down for her as well. FAWK I was sloppy thirds. More like sloppy sixths or sevenths. I'm pretty sure there was a group of dudes ahead of me. Pretty cute brunette girl from college.

Solid D cups. Already banged 3 or 4 dudes in my fraternity. Date party, my date didn't work out too well. Her date, one of the nicest guys in the fraternity, took her aside and was hoping they could become more serious than hook up buddies. That didn't work out too well for my bro. Me, drunk as sh1t, walked up to her, talked for a few minutes and just randomly threw out "hey J, wanna get out of here?

Sluttiest girls

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