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GFE typically involves less emphasis on sexual activity, and more about dining with the client, hold casual conversations and engage in french kissing or spooning. Would you view a man or woman differently? Might you feel able to overcome it?

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What do you feel about this service? I think it's really lame to have to pay for someone to pretend to like you. And if there was sexual activity involved, absolutely not. I have serious issues with paying for sex. I can't imagine being with the sort of person who would take the fake and find comfort in it. I feel like there's a really big gap between that mentality and mine.

This will likely depend on reddit gfe someone views sex and relationships. Purchasing sex in any capacity shows that the person views and treats sex as a commodity which makes our views fundamentally incompatible.

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Even if the person never actually had sex with the escort, I would be uncomfortable with the fact that they were willing to pay someone to pretend to be their girlfriend. Whilst I have not ever paid for the services of an escort, I do not believe anybody would treat sex and relationships as a commodity in the same way they would with an escort. I would never date a man who had hired any sort of prostitute.

I guess I technically could, but I don't think I'd want to date someone who would pay for that kind of thing, it strikes me as deeply sad. Fuck no. I don't date men who sleep with hookers. I have Thoughts And Feelings about the sex trade, which mainly boil down to a fuckload of them are NOT in that line of work by choice the average age at which a woman gets involved in prostitution is How many girls at that age want to have sex with strangers for money?

The FBI says that most of the reddit gfe working as prostitutes in the US are doing so because they were forced.

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Sex trafficking actually rises in countries that have legalized prostitution. Anyone who pays a hooker for sex, unless that hooker is an extremely high-priced independent fancy call girl who chooses her own clients, is running the chance of having sex with a woman who doesn't actually want to have sex with him, and is choosing to accept that chance as a better option than not having sex right then. I do not consider a man who thinks this is acceptable to be a man worth dating. This guy reddit gfe thinks he can easily tell if it's a trafficked woman or not Probably not.

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I'd lose a ton of respect for them and just feel sorry for them The fact that they'd be willing to sleep with someone who may not want to sleep with them is a little alarming to me. It says a lot about them as a person, in my opinion. I can definitely imagine reaching a place in your life where that seemed like the only place you would have a girlfriend-like experience.

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I could see dating that guy, yes. I would be fine with dating someone who did that. If that's what you needed at the time, then that was your prerogative. I can't imagine why I would know about it, but I would be fine with it.

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That, like the rest of reddit gfe sexual history, isn't really my business as long as they're being honest with me in the present. I don't think there's anything wrong with being an escort, so it would be pretty hypocritical for me to think someone is tainted because they hired one. I wouldn't have an issue with it.

I think it's sad to see how many people look down on "johns". I'm a sex worker, and I see these guys for hours every day. For the most part, they're not creeps or losers, they're just everyday guys. Yes, there are some real jerks out there who prey on sex workers, but they're not the norm. There are plenty of reasons why my customers come to me.

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Some of them are too embarrassed by their kinks to attempt to act them out with a non-professional, some of them are disabled, some of them are just shy or lonely. Sex work makes a lot of people uncomfortable, and that's understandable. It just seems like there's a lot of misinformation running about so I thought I'd throw in my personal experience. For what it's worth, I'm not selling "my body" and I'm certainly not selling "myself".

I'm selling my time and acting skills. I'm offering a service, not selling myself into slavery. I don't judge my customers and I see nothing wrong with what they do. Sort by: top suggested. Continue this thread. Its a sort of paradigm shift.

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