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Figures as high as 30 per cent of the world wide web was said to be pornographic content — in fact, that is less than one sixth of that. But one way that the internet has changed the pornographic industry is making it more personalized. Social media, and the rise of services like OnlyFans where users pay a subscription to a particular adult nude twitters, has turned these performers into stars with millions of followers paying to see their content — and letting the companies that support them take a percentage of profits.

The feature means that creators will be able to charge a subscription to view their tweets and posts. Twitter made no reference to adult content in its announcement, and has not given guidance on what rules sex workers will face if they make use of the new feature. But Twitter is already notable among the major social networks in its permissive approach to pornography, and those users who use it to promote adult content are likely to embrace new ways of monetising that content.

Creators often use their Twitter s to grow their followings and then monetise those users on other platforms, but the new changes are deed to keep at least some of that money with Twitter. The same dynamic has happened for explicit content. Adult performers get almost all of their traffic from social mediaconverting followers and subscribers into paid supporters, often by sending fans from nude twitters public s on sites like Twitter to private and paid-for ones like OnlyFans.

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OnlyFans has become known for its association with sex workers, but makes its platform available to anyone. While it is used by everyone from musicians to chefs, it has become popularly known as a way for adult entertainers to sell their content to subscribers.

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Twitter is also distinct from other prominent platforms in that it does allow pornographic content, albeit not in the profile photo or header image. Facebook, and its subsidiary Instagram, does not allow nudity that shows genitals or female nipples — a decision that has been repeatedly criticised for sexism. Reddit, by contrast, does allow pornography with various subcommunities for different kinks, and has no plans to ban it.

TikTok, while banning explicit content, still has vast amounts of pornographic content and is also becoming more popular with nude twitters entertainers. But there is a disparity of scale; YouTube and Facebook have ificantly more users than TikTok, Reddit, and Twitter combined and with relatively little competition in the social media space, that means adult entertainers have relatively few outlets to share their content.

For adult entertainers, it depends on how it is implemented. It also helps me by not having to direct my audience to a new site and away from Twitter while simultaneously eliminating those who lurk around just to watch my free teasers. Thorn, however, was not, and thousands of subscribers demanded refunds. In response, OnlyFans placed a cap on the nude twitters unlimited amount that creators could charge, but many smaller performers said that they would lose a hefty chunk of the money they make, as they were unable to take custom requests from their viewers which would pay them more.

However, simply existing is not enough for Twitter to siphon off prospective OnlyFans users. Moreover, OnlyFans is already a well-established name with features in place to protect both users and performers. On my OnlyFans I have over posts with close to pictures and videos, and it would take me forever to build that up on a new platform.

Managing one OnlyFans and inbox is already a full time job. Twitter did not answer questions from The Independent about what percentage it would take from payments, the support it was going to provide against harassment, or its community features. It also did not comment on shadow-banning, a practice whereby the company makes hashtags or handles difficult to search for without knowing the specific terms.

For new performers, there are also other factors deciding what platform they choose to content to. Natalie Kensington, an adult entertainer with 2, followers on Twitter, said that new tools like PocketStars — an OnlyFans competitor built by adult star Elle Brooke — that are deed with an awareness the nude twitters sex workers themselves face are preferable.

My gut feeling at this stage is that it is going to be catered for influencers, celebrities and online personalities such as gamers [but] if all the stars align, it could be highly convenient for sex-workers that predominantly promote through Twitter.

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