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This post contains affiliate links. Read the full disclosure here. Want to learn how to sell feet pics and make money in ? Find out whether is it for you! Making money from selling photos is quite common, but selling feet pics? However, if you live in a more conservative country or follow a more conservative religion, there might be specific foot fetish facebook when indulging in this type of trade. Later in this article, you will find several stories foot fetish facebook people who succeeded in making money from selling feet pics.

Many people are concerned about safety when it comes to selling foot pics online. My advice is to keep your s anonymous, watermark your photos and never meet clients alone or personally. You decide when to work and where, and with whom. In this business, you call the shots. You can even set your own rates.

ing subscription-based platforms may also come with a small fee, but it also opens up more opportunities to connect with potential customers. There are a lot of customers out there who are willing to spend a premium to access beautiful pictures of feet. The economy of buying and selling feet pics is quite booming. All they care for is your feet. On the other hand, the tough thing about it is that you need to have some business acumen foot fetish facebook make this gig work.

People are selling feet pics online for one very simple reason: people are buying it. To give you an idea of how popular feet pics, consider scrolling through Instagram using feet-related hashtags:. It is a collaborative website where people share pictures of celebrities and their feet. It is puzzling for some people why foot pictures are commanding excellent prices. But the industry for trading feet pics has grown so much over the years. They need feet pics for their business. Think of nail polish businesses, feet jewelry, food scrub, and foot peeling products, as well as spas and footwear brands.

All of them need feet pics for marketing and advertising. Publications also require feet pics from time to time. If they do not want to source out feet pics from stock photography websites, they go to the web and purchase feet pics that they can use for their articles. For instance, materials about foot care businesses, feet fetish and feet health require photos of feet. Foot fetish. This refers to the love for feet and thinks of feet as an object of their sexual arousal. In most cases, they have quite a discriminating taste.

To make sure you meet the demands of your potential clients, you must make your feet aesthetically pleasing. With that said, a pair of pretty, slender, blemish-free feet command the best prices. Some clients may prefer unpolished toenails, others do not. The feet, in this sense, are consumed as a visual object, so make sure that your feet are as pretty as they can be will increase your earning potential.

Therefore, you need to do everything you can to keep your feet beautiful. This could mean using products like foot scrubs to exfoliate the skin and getting regular pedicures and foot spa. Of course, the feet as products are just one part of the equation.

You also need to learn to market them by enticing more people to follow your or s. In this article on Metroa model named Camila WestUK, admits to selling her feet pics to people with foot fetishes. According to Camila, her clients like to buy her feet photos because they are clean, pedicured and painted.

If you ask her how to sell feet pictures on Instagram? The answer is to keep your feet dainty and nice-looking. She goes the extra mile to make sure her feet look beautiful all the time.

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At some point, she even had a request to put oil on her feet. She has over a hundred thousand followers of Instagram and has received tons of weird requests, such as crushing ants in between her toes. But Sweet Arches has no qualms about it. This business is literally paying for her medical degree. Sweet Arches says she puts in hours of work each day to create foot fetish facebook best content on her platforms.

She adds that some people were grossed out at first. But when she found a community of fetishists and connected with like-minded people, Sweet Arches felt more comfortable in running her foot business. In short, these people are turned on by the feet, ankles, and soles. It may be surprising to some people, but foot fetish is more common than many of us thought! According to this article on My London News, Ryan, not his real name, confesses to buying foot pics for his personal consumption.

Ryan hides his identity because there are some stigma towards people like him who have a foot fetish. Nowadays, Ryan buys photos of pics from other people. He buys foot photos from both men and women, although he tends to have a more discriminating taste on feet pics from other guys.

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He also gets a lot of offers from sellers. Men and women selling photos of their pics are fast becoming popular and well, income-generating. How much can you charge for your feet pics? Are you wondering where to sell feet pics? Well, there are a few ways to sell feet pics online. You can sell feet pics and make money through:. One of the best ways on how to sell foot pictures is by using websites dedicated to selling feet pics.

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These websites serve like a marketplace for feet pictures where clients go to foot fetish facebook for these pics. Warning : After reading lots of Instafeet reviews online, I no longer recommend this site. Instafeet is a platform for buying and selling feet pics. Your is set to private, and only those who were subscribed to your can view your feet pics. This is an amazing feature that helps to prevent cyberbullying and stalking. You can decide how much you charge for each photo.

But as you gain more demand, you increase the price as you see fit. FeetFinder is a renowned marketplace for feet pics. Sellers go through a verification process to authenticate their identities. Once approved, only then can sellers start selling feet pics on the site. FeetFinder makes selling feet pics safe and secure, both for the sellers and buyers. Buyers can only see blurred photos of feet. If interested, their s are billed and the seller earns money. Buyers may also request special feet photos or purchase that are already ed. Feetify acts like a social media connecting people who buy and sell feet pics.

ing Feetify is free. The site is equipped with a chat feature so that a customer can connect with you and vice-versa.

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Customers may have specific requests on how to take foot pictures and videos. This gives you the opportunity to charge a premium price.

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Fortunately, you get to keep all of your earnings as a premium model. The more prominent feet models on-site earn more money. ing DollarFeet is free, although your application is subjected to verification and approval process. During the application, you will need to submit photos of your feet from different angles. One of the most popular platforms to sell pictures of feet nowadays is OnlyFans. OnlyFans is an app and social media platform for original content curators. You can OnlyFans, create a profile for your foot business and make money.

The way OnlyFans work is that you attract fans to your feet pics profile and have them pay to access your content. Foap is a free app on iOS and Android where you can make money from your photos, and yes, including feet pics.

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ing your feet pictures on Foap exposes them to a lot of potential clients. You just need to up, create a profile and start ing the best photos of your feet. Still, selling feet pics on Foap is an excellent idea as people use the app to find images, they already expected to pay a price for the image they need.

You might think that Reddit is not exactly a marketplace for selling pictures of feet. Just look for subreddits that are dedicated to feet and. You can post about your gig selling feet pics. When someone expresses interest in purchasing your photos, invite him to a private foot fetish facebook and take the transaction from there. Instagram is probably the largest social media platform with the most following for feet pics.

You can start selling pictures of feet by snapping a photo and posting them on your own Instagram consistently. The more and prettier your photos are, the more people will reach out to you directly. The second way is to search for communities that allow for sharing and posting of feet photos.

Facebook is another excellent venue to sell feet pics online. A lot of people who are in the market in buying and selling feet pictures actively network with each other, so it helps that they know you have some awesome feet pics up for sale.

You could start by ing a couple of groups that sell feet pics. People who are looking to purchase the pics may contact you directly through the platform.

Foot fetish facebook

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