Flower knight girl scenes

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It starts out with Danchou, Usagigoke, and other flower knights in the middle of a subjugation. Usagigoke points out to Danchou that the only pest left is a fairly stubborn one that refuses to be taken down. Usagigoke assures him that if all the flower knights keep beating on it, it'll die eventually, but Danchou wanted to think of a way that would reduce the of casualties for everyone. She was uncomfortable with how much Danchou worried about other people. Usagigoke said she had an idea to minimize casualties.

She snuck around behind the pest, put up her hand doll, curled up under her hood, and got the pest's attention. While the pest was wondering what the hand puppet was, Usagigoke jumped up and killed it by hitting its vitals. With that, the subjugation was completed. Back at the office, Usagigoke said that the trick she did was a specialty of hers.

She often surprises pests and children alike with it. Upon closer inspection, Danchou noticed that the ears on her hand puppet had sharp tips like a blade. Danchou said he was proud of what Usagigoke did, but it was reckless flower knight girl scenes he flower knight girl scenes rather she discuss with him before she uses that strategy again. His response made Usagigoke uncomfortable again. She said that Danchou's tendency to look out for everyone else reminds her of a particular flower knight. That's why it worries her. Usagigoke began to talk about her upbringing. She was a homeless, parentless child who lived by stealing food.

Many other children had to live this way as well. As an inexperienced child, she even had her stolen food stolen from her as well. One day, she met a flower knight that took a liking to her. This flower knight fed and protected Usagigoke. However, the other poor children were jealous of this.

As a rude little prank, they made a fake subjugation notice with the intention of making her walk around pointlessly for awhile. She took the bait and had found a pest's nest. She attempted to take care of it as soon as she saw it, but it was a highly dangerous nest. She was surrounded and killed by pests before other flower knights were able to arrive in time to save her. Usagigoke recalled the words of that flower knight before she left. It's because the school allowed Usagigoke to become stronger.

She could now fend for herself and protect others. The flower knight's demise was brought about because she was caring for people other than herself, but she couldn't care for everyone.

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Danchou is the same way, so it makes Usagigoke uneasy. Talking about the flower knight made Usagigoke depressed, so she went to bed early to have happy dreams. Later, she barges back into the office crying. Usagigoke normally has happy dreams, but this time she dreamt that Danchou died. She jumped into his arms and he comforted her.

She felt his warmth and stopped crying. She realized that this warmth flower knight girl scenes being close to someone you love isn't something she had experienced in dreams. Even if it means being by him in the shower, bathroom, etc.

We have the upper hand in the battle, and were steadily eradicating the pests, but Usagigoke : Danchou, a huge pest is on a ram. Most of the others are almost beat, but that one's still going strong. What's more, it's violence has gotten out of hand, it's in such a violent ram that nobody can get near it.

Usagigoke : What should we do, Danchou? I think if everyone presses the attack, we can beat it. The big pest's resistance is too fierce. In order to avoid unnecessary injury, we need to think of a safer way. If only there was a way to distract this pest. Usagigoke : Danchou is always thinking of others. After all, you're really kind.

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Usagigoke : Uun, it's nothing Anyway, I've thought of a way to defeat the pest. I'd like to ask everyone to give me a moment. I'm a little worried, but she seems to have a plan. I'll leave things to her.

I order the other Flower Knights to keep on fighting while focusing on defence. The pest is gradually getting exhausted, but it's still a tough situation. Is there a way to recover? Just as I was thinking that, something strange came into view. She's wearing her poncho's hood, curled up and making herself small. And while doing so, it looks like something has popped out of the giant dumpling. It's the rabbit puppet that Usagigoke is always wearing. Perhaps because the pest was surprised by the unfamiliar object, it stopped fighting and slowly approached Usagigoke.

The pest is exhausted by a single blow that hit's it's vital point. Usagigoke : Ahem. A long time ago, it was U-chan's special technique. Becoming small and surprising people with this little one.

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It's hard to tell at first glance, but the tips of the ears are bladed, and they're sharp enough to penetrate pests. I'd like it if you consulted with me before doing that next time.

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Don't worry about me, U-chan's fine. When I become small and round like this, I'm hard to find Curled up, she begins to roll around all over the field. That's not the case when you're thinking calmly. I rushed to chase after the rolling Usagigoke. I was compiling the report in my office when a small knock echoed. Usagigoke : Danchou, thank you for your work. There were no problems with the examination.

She didn't get hurt when fighting the pest, but I sent her to the infirmary just in case she hit her head rolling around the meadow after the mission.

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If you don't treat your injuries properly, there could be lifelong effects. I have to be over protective. Usagigoke : When U-chan sees kind people, I get worried. That Flower Knight was also Usagigoke : U-chan's birthplace was a very dirty place. There were no adults around to protect me, so I would have to steal other people's food. Does she think I will hate her because she had to steal in the past? I kept quiet, and urged her to continue with my eyes. Usagigoke But, U-chan was still. There were a lot of times where I failed to steal.

Even when I was lucky enough to steal something, it could be stolen by another person. I was beaten up by a lot of people. Whenever I was awake, it was only pain and hardship.

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I thought I could only be happy in my dreams. At that time I met a certain Flower Knight.

Flower knight girl scenes

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