Example d/s scenes

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Keeping some basic improvisation techniques in mind can help you explore your scenes and make sure you are getting the most out of it for you and your partner. It can also allow the couple to begin to explore their limits before they put them into actual practice — thereby making the scenes stronger and more cohesive. This is a good way for the Dominant to explore the limits for His or Her submissive, and for the submissive to test the strength of the Dominant and thereby have more satisfying and engaging scenes.

Another way to enhance scenes is to use costumes and props.

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If you are doing a medical scene, having the Dominant wear a white coat and use an actual stethoscope, these real-life details can enhance the scene and make the fantasy feel more real. Our fantasies are detailed — and we can begin to bring those details over time into our real life! Staying in character is another point that is important. Sometimes we have a hard time taking ourselves seriously and it can be easy to fall out of focus during a scene. Staying in character when this happens allows their partner, who perhaps may have a laughing fit from being tickled, for exampleallows the scene to get back on track more quickly and remove distractions so that you can get back to business.

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Also developing your character over time can make the scenes grow more mature over time. This way your partner can begin to feel that they can deepen their character or begin to change the way they want to present to you in a scene. Another good point to remember is to let the scene move forward in its own time.

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Let the scene breathe. Maybe you as a Dominant might sense you are moving too fast and need to take a break. Say you are being flogged.

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This is, after all, a mutually beneficial relationship and feedback is essential to providing a better experience in the future. Part of successful scenes in BDSM is becoming a little bit of an actor.

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Of course, you can always really become a major actor and improve and mature your characters over time. Improvisation can help you explore your desires more completely and allow you and your partners to experience a deeper sense of reality— thereby bringing your imagination to life! We highly recommend you go through this complete list of kinks to know more details about your inner self.

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