Do it for state snapchat username

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Desperate criminal holding jail bars feeling regret for committing crime closeup. Adams racked up more than 1. More than two years after the failed theft attempt, Adams was sentenced today to serve 14 years in federal prisonaccording to the United States Department of Justice.

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Adams started his State Snaps while he was in college. Operating on Instagram and Twitter, but doing the largest portion of its posting on Snapchat, State Snaps allowed students to submit clips and photos of their most outrageous behavior. Content that appeared on the State Snaps feed included a considerable amount of drunken behavior, drug use and nudity.

Despite that — and the objections of Iowa State University administrators who attempted to get the s shut down — Adams managed to rack up more than 1. That belonged to a Cedar Rapids resident who registered the domain with GoDaddy.

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Adams wanted the site, and attempted to purchase it from the domain holder multiple times between and according to the Department of Justice, but the domain owner had no interest in selling. Unable to buy the domain outright, Adams decided to try to steal doitforstate. He recruited his cousin, who already had a felony on his record and was living in a homeless shelter at the time, to break into the domain holder's home and threaten him at gunpoint to give up the website.

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On June 21,Adams drove his cousin to the owner's house, gave him a demand note with instructions on how to transfer ownership of the domain to Adams' GoDaddy. Adams' cousin entered the domain holder's home with a cellphone, stolen gun and taser in hand while wearing a hat, pantyhose over his head and dark sunglasses to cover his eyes.

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The domain holder, upstairs in his home, spotted the intruder at the bottom of the steps and tried to lock himself in his room. Adams' cousin kicked open the door, grabbed the domain holder by the arm and demanded access to his computer. He placed the gun to the man's head and told him to follow the directions in the note provided by Adams. The intruder hit the domain holder in the head multiple times with the pistol, which resulted in the domain holder entering into a struggle to gain control of the gun. He was shot in the leg during the struggle, but took possession of the firearm and shot Adams' cousin in the chest multiple times before calling the police.

Adams received a year jail sentence from a federal court in Iowa. Most remnants of the State Snaps s have disappeared from the internet and have been suspended by Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter for violating terms of service. I'm a freelance reporter and editor with nearly a decade of experience covering all aspects of tech.

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Do it for state snapchat username

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Man Behind ‘Do It For State’ s Gets 14 Years In Prison For Plotting To Steal Domain Name At Gunpoint