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This has been on my mind recently after we cuckold couple blog that my husband has apparently shrunk over the years. In our youth I measured him at 5. Surprisingly he is delighted with his reduced dimensions! This is a not uncommon with cuckolds, indeed many pretend they are much smaller than they actually are. Apparently a reduction in size over the years is cuckold couple blog common particularly where the man abstains from sexual intercourse. It's not a problem in itself though it may be somewhat dismaying to many. Modern thinking on male endowment suggests that "normal" is somewhere between 4 inches and 5.

With something like 15 percent of men having 8 inches plus and 1 percent at 9 inches plus. I strongly suspect based solely on what people tell cuckold couple blog and my years frequenting nudist venues that our perception of normal penis size is hopelessly exaggerated and that the majority of men are around 4 inches rather than the traditional six which was based on hopelessly flawed research.

Of course length isn't everything and most women consider girth much more important. Having had fantastic sex with a 5 inch man with an enormous girth that really stretched even my experienced passage I would whole heartedly concur.

The good news for many "small" men is that most women don't really care how big a man's penis is when they find him attractive. Charm, wit and good looks will make a man far more likely to secure a mate than his endowment alone. It's genuinely a surprise to many how very attractive women often have tiny husbands. My heart goes out to couples, of whom I know many, who though deeply in love find they cannot make a sexual relationship work due to the man's inadequacy.

Once they begin having problems it le to further anxiety which can have a devastating effect and cause erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Of course the services of a caring third-party male can often do wonders to repair a loving relationship where the husband is inadequate. We are fortunate to be living in an age where this is an option. I have recently been contacted by a young man asking for advice on becoming a bull for cuckold couples, something that happens to me regularly, it's a very worthy ambition and I am always keen to offer help and encouragement.

The last few years has seen a sharp increase in couples hoping to welcome a capable guest male to their bedroom and we really need more well-equipped and proficient men confident to take the bull role. I would say that the one a quality a bull needs is an understanding of what it means to be in close relationship and the wife's motivations for cuckolding her husband.

Unlike years back aspiring couples now, are not generally experienced swingers and often have no prior experience of sexual lifestyle pursuits. Usually they are in their forties and looking to enhance their love life. It is not unusual for wives to have little or no experience of giving oral pleasure to a man and, whether they know it or not, they need a man to take charge and train them over the course of several sessions. Couples do have high expectations of their bull and it has to be said that it's not an easy role and for a newcomer it can be quite difficult to make a start.

We are well used to receiving criticism on this site from people who cuckold couple blog a more, shall we say, traditional view of the institution of marriage. Of course that is very much their right and they may well have a point but we do consider it unfair as we feel we are very much pro-marriage.

We believe that men and women should form a lasting bond and raise children in a loving home. However we have to face the reality that, in the modern world, marriage is just not working and maybe that is not altogether a bad thing in some ways. A man and a woman beginning married life have many challenges facing them not least of which is that one partner is a man and the other woman. Two more different viewpoints on sex and relationships it is hard to imagine. Somehow they have to find a common purpose and go forward, of course for many this sadly doesn't happen and the relationship ends with mutual recriminations.

Best wishes to all for a happy and healthy year Tuesday 12 January We are living through very difficult times and it looks like we will have to deal with the fallout for many years to come. However, if we learn from history, terrible events can also bring about beneficial change in some areas of life and I very much hope that will be the case with the current situation. Though, at the moment sexual fulfilment is the least of our worries it could be a good time to consider the future and decide what is important to us in life. The current situation could well be the time for husbands to have that little talk with their wives or indeed, as is happening more and more, for wives to tell their husbands how things are going to change.

I had a very interesting experience last year when I was invited to give a small informal talk with some members of a cuckold support group. Founded by three experienced couples they now have a membership of around 14 couples, some yet to make the move to a cuckold marriage.

They offer advice and counselling to both partners in the period leading up to the husband's initiation and afterwards as he adapts to his new role. The evening was arranged and hosted by "Four" and his lovely wife, both enthusiastic cuckolders for some years. Four couples and three lone husbands turned up and I gave a small talk covering my views on the lifestyle, the benefits of social nudity for couples and some of the practical problems of cuckolding your husband such as discretion where friends and relatives are concerned.

Not forgetting some of the great benefits. After I had said my piece I threw it open to questions and it became a free and flowing discussion with some very interesting points raised. We were then served some food and drinks and split up into groups to continue discussing the points raised. My cuckold accompanied me and had a very enjoyable time chatting to the other husbands about their various adventures. Meanwhile I met a very interesting couple who had got cuckold couple blog specifically to have a cuckold relationship.

They are both corporate lawyers, Avril is 41 and divorced while Tony is 57 and a widower, they bonded over a mutual love of opera and many other shared interests. Unfortunately some health problems a while back have left Tony otherwise well but unable to consummate their marriage which was a problem for Avril who admits to a strong libido. So they opted to make Tony a member of the ancient order of cuckolds. She tells me that she very much appreciates the advantage of having a loyal supportive husband who encourages her to enjoy a full sex life with other partners. They tell me it has all gone very well with only some minor hiccups along the way.

We have resolved to keep in touch and I'm hoping they will become good friends. All in all a very stimulating and enjoyable evening. As my husband often says talking about it is almost as much fun as doing it well maybe not quite! Well, it would have been my birthday except I have given them up and decided getting older is not for me!

Under the current circumstances a very boring day, unfortunately. I did get a bumper delivery of cards, some a bit naughty, many lovely presents including some new toys which my husband and I enjoyed trying out! My most memorable birthday ever was when my husband organised three studs, who had all distinguished themselves in my bed when they were younger, to come along and help me celebrate. In the intervening period two of them had got married but nevertheless were keen to relive old times with me.

It was my first time, and so far the only time, I have taken on three men together though I very much enjoy two man threesomes. Generally I think two men and a woman is optimal but it all went very well with everyone playing their part and being supportive to the others with no one feeling like a spare cock.

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It was a very strenuous but enjoyable afternoon all round though I did experience some vaginal soreness afterwards! It was an awesome sight seeing three large cocks pointed at me each with a red ribbon around tied in a bow.

As well as some seriously sensuous delights such as both breasts sucked simultaneous while a tongue was applied to my rampant clitoris. I enjoyed a good spit-roasting and was pleased to find none of my students had forgotten what I had taught them. My husband was kept busy rolling on condoms and serving glasses of champagne while safely under lock and key. I am often asked "Should I agree to cuckold my husband? It's cuckold couple blog question I never answer directly except to say that if you are seeking to explore the role that sex plays in your relationship then it is well worth considering.

If you are ready and willing to challenge the rules society has laid down for you and perhaps change the way you and your husband perceive each other then yes I would say it is definitely for you. Women generally find that enjoying new and interesting sexual partners, with their husbands approval, is tremendously liberating and very empowering.

Of course if your husband finds sex slightly "challenging" then it takes things to a whole new level. Don't, however, forget that being cuckolded is a very intense experience for the man as well and whereas the female can return to being a faithful wife her husband will forever be cuckold couple blog cuckold.

I should also mention that it's extremely rare for a husband who has the desire to be cuckolded to reactive negatively during his initiation or afterwards. They are normally extremely amenable to the new reality in their lives. All men carry the cuckold gene though in many it lies dormant until triggered.

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I say to all wives, cuckold your husband and become stronger and more cuckold couple blog in your relationship. Standard warning: be sure you have a strong relationship, good communication between you and really consider all aspects before taking the plunge. This terrible virus has caused terrible disruption in all our lives and, though we are all hoping for a speedy return to normality, I fear it may be quite some time before that happens. If indeed we ever do return to how things were only last year. Our lifestyle like most other things is much affected and it's an open question whether it will emerge from all this stronger and fitter or be set back considerably.

I'm hearing a lot about wives who went into lockdown with their boyfriends having moved into the marital home but others, less fortunate, have been missing out - myself included! I'm sure we will all be much more thankful for what the lifestyle gives us once we can all socialize again. Maybe this will be the trigger that moves our lifestyle closer to real acceptance.

I really hope we will see some positive s of hope for the future before long. In the meantime everyone please keep safe and well. Another year nearly over, where has the time gone? There have been some big events in my life and regrettably I have not found the time to blog for which I can only apologise and resolve, yet again, to try and do better. However I am as committed to cuckolding as ever and see it as very much the saviour of marriage as we progress into the 21st century. During the year my husband has been cuckolded by four new men and I'm pleased to say that I am enjoying sex as much as I have ever done.

Of course I have to thank my loving husband for all his help and support and for playing and developing his role so well. All of us wives seriously involved in this lifestyle understand how difficult, confusing and upsetting it can sometimes be for our one man. My hope for the year ahead is that all the husbands living in the hope of becoming cuckolds will at least make it clear to their wives that they are giving them a choice which, should they wish to exercise it, they will give them their full and loving support.

Wish you all every happiness and sexual fulfilment. As I write this it's pouring with rain outside, so I am taking the opportunity to sit down and update my blog. Everything is about to change in my life with the announcement a few weeks ago that my daughter Sue and my long term lover Peter have decided they want to get married. My overwhelming emotion is happiness for them both and pleasure that Peter will become a permanent member of the family.

I have always felt rather guilty that he has not found a girl his own age to settle down with but he has always assured me he preferred mature women and especially taking the Bull role for a couple. He has been regularly servicing two other wives but sadly these arrangements are now due to end soon. All rather complicated as Peter and I have been carrying on with our regular coupling whilst he has been regularly servicing my daughter, with our full knowledge. Preferring to jump before being pushed I have decided to bow out and acknowledge we have had our time together. With some sadness as our years with Peter have been some of the happiest in my marriage.

In many ways I feel I am beginning a new interesting chapter in cuckold couple blog life and I feel more confident than ever as a cuckoldress. For a while now I have had a new young man in my life and he is very keen and enthusiastic. Though cuckold couple blog early days, we haven't integrated him fully into our marriage as yet, I feel every confidence he will become a magnificent bull.

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I can only apologise for my intermittent blogging over the last couple of years but I hope I can compensate this year. Many people have enquired whether I will be continuing my blog, so I have been motivated to do better. Also I have recently become friendly with a rather nice cuckold who has cuckold couple blog me think afresh about the role of cuckolding in 21st century relationships. I do really believe that a cuckold relationship is very natural for women and can revitalise a relationship particularly for mature couples.

Of course there is no denying that cuckolding does complicate your life and we have had a few crises of faith over the last year. My daughter Sue moving back in with us has not been too easy. She is currently separated from her husband and it now seems unlikely there will be a reconciliation. Sue had already guessed that the handsome young man living with us was more than just a friend to me though my husband David was unaware she knew and cuckold couple blog had to all sit down and officially let her into our confidence. Events took a yet more complicated turn when Sue began having sex with Peter last Summer though I suspected it might happen, it was still a surprise as Peter has never shown any real interest in young women.

Still I would much rather she was serviced by Peter, who she knows is intimate with other women, than take up with another unsuitable man. My husband found the situation difficult at first but I firmly believe in not over-thinking these things and in fact it is working out quite well. It's a core tenet of our lifestyle that sexual relationships should be non-exclusive but it has all been rather testing.

Firstly, let me wish all our site visitors a very happy and, I hope, successful and fulfilling new year.

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